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2015 Varsity D Association Hall of Fame Induction

Reception and Induction: Friday, Sept. 25, 2015 - Mitchell Center

Congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2015: David Breschi '86, Rex Elliott '84, John Higley '73, Meredith Reider '02, Jason Rusnak '99, and Erin Stanley '03.  (read the press release)

Who are we?

The Varsity D Association is comprised of all former Denison University Varsity Athletes, former and current members of the Varsity Coaching Staff, as well as friends and family of the Denison University Athletics Department.

What we do…

The mission of the Varsity D Association is to provide support to promote and enhance the overall athletic experience for our Varsity student-athletes

The Varsity D Association represents a strong community that values academic and athletic excellence, supports the mission and goals of the University, cultivates tremendous spirit and pride, and works to continue the traditions that define Denison University and Big Red Athletics.

The support that the Varsity D Association offers allows Denison University to develop and produce the next generation of leaders through an enhanced athletic experience, while also celebrating the success of previous generations through the Hall of Fame.

The Varsity D Association represents the very best of Denison University.

We are passionate.  We are committed.  We are Denison.

• For more information contact Varsity D Association President Rich Seils