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The classes include a full practice of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa flow yoga, orally guided by a certified instructor to ensure the safety and consistency of the practice. The instructor is the most essential aspect of the practice since she provides not only guidance through the primary series, but individual assistance with the correct positioning of the body. She also demonstrates the correct position and offers modifications for all body types and skill levels. She also rounds out the spiritual aspects of the practice by leading meditations and providing readings for students to consider during their meditations and savasanas (relaxations). We have always had instructors who have received certification from Yoga on High, which is a minimum 200 hr. training course. It is essential to have a very skilled and experienced instructor to deal with a class of this large size whose students have a wide variation of abilities and experience. This way the newest and most experienced students and those with different physical issues can all be addressed, and receive safe and stimulating instruction. Yoga is a great service to these students as it is an incredible stress-reducer and it provides followers (us students) with tools to deal with their hectic and pressured lives.






Classes begin Sept. 8 and run through the end of the spring semester

Monday  4:45 - 6:15 p.m. in Knapp Performance Lab (Instructor: Gina Davenport)

Wednesday  4:45 - 6:15 p.m. in Knapp Performance Lab (Instructor: Stephanie Frailey)

Saturday 3-4 p.m. in Knapp Performance Lab (Guest Instructor)


Bring a water bottle!

2014-15 Yoga Club Officers:

President/Treasurer: Marielle Woods

Vice President: Sadie Conley

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dyan Couden


Stephanie Frailey

Gina Davenport



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