Dance (Women)

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The mission of the Denison University Dance Team is to raise school spirit through choreographed routines that demonstrate talent, hard work, and skill.  We intend to accomplish these goals by showcasing each member’s expertise and experience during half time at Basketball and Football games, Relay for Life and various other performances


President - Barrie Froehlich

Treasurer - Hannah Brown


Gill Wright Miller





Dance Team Schedule:

(Men's Basketball Schedule)



Wednesday 21st 8:00 pm

Saturday 31st 3:00 pm



Wednesday 4th 6:00 pm

Wednesday 11th 8:00 pm

Saturday 21st 3:00 pm


Women’s Basketball Games: TBD

Relay For Life: TBD



Denison Dance Team 2014-2015 Roster

Barrie Froehlich
Hannah Brown
Maria Aloe
Annie Oyler
Sasha Mandros
Ariana Grey Be
Callie Towels
Leah Edwards
Maren Berg
Molly McDonough
Hannah Zwemmer
Ciara Baird
Meghan Tenorio
Emily Farrow
Jacqueline Muscat
Mehan Kenworthy
Victoria Rapillo



Club Constitution