Cheerleading (Co-ed)

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The purpose of Denison University Cheerleading is to provide students with the opportunity to grow, learn, lead and experience athletic activities. We will promote and uphold school spirit, develop a sense of sportsmanship among the students, build better relationships between schools during all athletic events, and develop a stronger sense of responsibility as individuals and leaders.

Our mission is to foster a collective spirit and unity within Denison University and the greater community. We hope to represent Denison University in a positive light by creating active support of all student activities, displaying and encouraging good sportsmanship by players and observers, and upholding the ideals and values of members of the Denison community. While practicing and demonstrating our athleticism, we hope to bond as a team with the common goal of creating and sustaining campus-wide support of the athletic program at Denison University.




 President/Captain - Dana Myers

Treasurer - Katie Kirkpatrick


Jessica Gillum


Lynsey Whisner

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Club Roster

Co-Captain Katie Kirkpatrick

Co-Captain Dana Myers

Andrea Bacho

Amanda Castro

Priscilla Diaz

Jemila Edmond

Martha Gutierrez

Amelia Hitchens

Becky Kleina

Allison Lopez

Julia Ludwig

Ra’Jene Martin

Andrianna Peterson

Khari Riley

Kirstie Rodden

Stefanie Vargas